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About Us

Web Site Policy

The purpose of this web site is:

  • To serve the fellowship of Sexaholics Anonymous.
  • To serve as a resource for S.A. members in a timely fashion.
  • To provide accurate and consistent information about Sexaholics Anonymous Phone Meetings.Make a Donation
  • To provide information about services and activities provided by the S.A. Central Office.
  • To encourage participation of S.A. members, groups and committees in S.A. services and activities.
  • To be self-supporting, declining outside contributions. To that end, we offer an ecommerce alternative using secure "Paypal" instead of physically passing the basket at teleconference meetings.



Our committee is made up of a group of people who take on the responsibility of managing this website. We meet regularly to make decisions about the direction of the SAPhoneMeeting website and have a mixture of skills to be able to meet his/her responsibilities. By getting involved we want to give something back to SA and support a good cause.



Click here to see entire globeConnecting SA members 365 days/year via teleconference all over the globe

Attend a live Sexaholics Anonymous teleconference meeting with others around the world who are seeking sobriety. SA began in 1979. The phone meetings began in 2004.

This website originated on April 13, 2009 out of mere desperation from a fellow SA member who believed in carrying the message, to help himself stay sober. Our singleness of purpose is to aid in providing timely and accurate information to the newcomer, as well as existing members of Sexaholics Anonymous. "I am responsible. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of S.A. always to be there. And for that: I am responsible."

The phone meetings have experienced tremendous growth and structure improvements. Below are some of the highlights:

  1. Popularity of the Internet
    Averaging 6,000 hits/month in 2009 and over 30,000 hits/month in 2010
    More Info: Statistics | New Mtg Survey | Census
  2. On 11/1/11, it was decided that we switch to a more reliable vendor because the phone lines were very unpredictable. The primary access phone line was busy many times or went down all together. Thus, people were unable to connect for a meeting and it was very confusing.
  3. Updates to phone system:
    781-222-0034, 13mtgs in 2004 | Original Flyer
    623-218-1094, 32 mtgs in 2008 | Flyer
    218-339-3505, 4/2009 | Flyer
    712-338-8720, 5/2009 | Flyer
    712-432-5620, 7/2012
    858-200-4900 changed to 605-475-6700, 7/20/2012
    218-339-2699 changed to 267-507-0400, 8/21/2013
  4. History of new meetings and date they started:
    9:05 PM ET Sunday "Fetishes" topic meeting (inception '09)
    6:30 AM GMT Daily Sobriety Renewal in UK (inception '09)
    12:00 PM ET Daily Discussion (inception 7/13/09)
    9:05 PM ET Friday Discussion (inception 12/17/09)
    10:15 PM ET Daily Reflections (inception 12/17/09)
    8:00 PM ET Saturday Women Only (inception 4/28/10)
    8:00 AM ET Daily Discussion (inception 6/6/10)
    7:30 PM ET Tue, Wed & Thu (inception 10/1/10)
    6:25 AM ET "Next 24" DSR (inception 2/1/11)
    3:00 PM ET Sun Women Only (inception 6/12/11)
    9:05 PM ET Sat Mixed Discussion (inception 3/1/12)
    7:00 PM GMT Wednesday Skype (inception 5/1/12)
    9:30 AM & 12:00 PM GMT Thursday Skype (inception 5/1/12)
    7:00 AM ET Beginner Step 712-432-0600 61-2034 (inception 11/21/12)
    9:00 PM ET Sun Men w/Same Sex Attraction (inception 8/21/2013)



  • Ever wonder how a group phone call should be run? Fortunately, our SA Phone Meetings have matured tremendously over the years and there has been significant improvement with the professionalism and manner in which these teleconference calls are managed.
  • Daily Sobriety Renewal is not the same as a conventional meeting. We read a series of questions together. We please ask all callers to limit their shares, so everyone has an opportunity to answer the list of questions. Our real goal is to hear the question and say yes in our hearts, and respond with one or two sentences.
  • Follow the normal guidelines of regular meetings. Phone meetings are Not intended to replace face-to-face meetings. Please attend local meetings, get a sponsor, and work the steps! You can find many local face-to-face meetings on our Links page or visit
  • There should always be a facilitator and/or someone to help secretary the teleconference. If you login early and hear music, please be patient until others join. If necessary, you may be asked to help lead the call and take down a list of names in an orderly fashion. If you are new to the "phone bridge", we recommend listening to others share to get an idea of the style.
  • There are many calling plans available that offer competitive long-distance rates. We recommend Skype using VOIP. Another feature that has made these phone meetings very affordable is using the "Friends & Family" feature through Verizon which allows for unlimited minutes.


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7th Tradition

"Every SA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions."
Our Website committee would like to remind you that the primary means of sustaining the development of SAPhoneMeeting is via contributions by users such as yourself. SAPhoneMeeting is now and will continue to be totally free; however, it takes money and resources to make SAPhoneMeeting available. if you are able, please consider donating to the SAPhoneMeeting Project. Click the "Donate" icon to give back.

This website costs over $84.00 per year. Additional donations go to SAICO. If you enjoy this resource, please consider donating to help support the fellowship and continue to carry the message to the still sick and suffering Sexaholic. Please Click Here to visit our financial reports. If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to


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